About Us

We are Andrea and Alessia, we live in Ceresole Alba in a small village just a short distance from Turin, close to the wonderful mountains of Roero and good wine. The third member of our team is a small Basset named Balù. Our passion is travelling and telling the stories of peoples weddings whether it be here in Italy or abroad. We love good food and all that is creative.
We love capturing through the lense of our camera everything going on and we are fascinated by all that is unconventional. Meeting new people that like our work is wonderful, people like ourselves who believe in marriage, people that love creativity and the attention to detail. With us you will receive an emotional and authentic film that differenciates from all other weddings. We firmly believe that we have the best job in the world.


Taking into considertion that we will be spending the entire day together, we believe that it is important you understand the way we work. Your special day will be told through us in the most natural way possible. We will not disturb you the bride and groom or your guests, capturing every emotion in a discreet and respectul manner without you realising we are there. We are not passionate about complicated poses therefore we will make sure we create a film that best represents you in your every day life, in a way that you can relive the emotion anytime you desire, even after many years. With the most part of our clients we have stabalised a friendly relationship, in this way our work becomes even more likable. Always remember that we truly love what we do and thanks to this amazing job we have discovered an infinite passion that we want to share with you. If you would like to get to know us, click here.